Smart Homes need smart support.

Axius helps you setup, configure, monitor and support your connected devices, and answer ANY general tech question. We're the first remote support company to help simplify the entire process of owning a Smart Home.

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"This would be amazing for my parents!"

- Product Hunt

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Proactive and on-call support to ensure your home is safe & secure.

From security alerts to keeping your wifi connected - we've got you covered. Get 5-star service to keep your smart home running smoothly (and save you money).

Axius Member Benefits

Dedicated Support Team

Our team of verified Tech Experts are all based in the U.S. and available 7 days a week to provide assistance whenever it is needed.

White Glove Care

Customized alerts based on your priorities of security, usage, or parental controls. We tailor our service to the unique device makeup within your home.

Proactive Fixes

With the Axius Hub connected, we'll detect, troubleshoot and fix issues - so you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

Daily Maintenance Made Easy

We'll manage the daily maintenance and software updates of all your devices so you never have to lift a finger.

Secured Network

The Axius Hub comes standard with the latest encryption, firewalls and SSL. All your devices are safe from intruders.

Easy Onboarding

We make joining Axius a breeze and adding new devices is even easier! Our team is ready to assist at any time - email us today: [email protected]

A few things we can help with:

Computer or Laptop Setup

We're experts at setting up your PC or Mac, so you can sit back, relax, and then enjoy your new computer.

Virus Removal & Cleanup

Need a virus or spyware removed - we'll be there to help cleanup and protect your computer.

Data Storage, Backup, Recovery and Transfer

Whether you need to back up or transfer Data, store or recover files - we're here to help.

Computer Tune-Up and Optimization

We can tune-up and optimize your computer or laptop so that it is running quickly and smoothly.

Computer Training and Support

Want to learn E-Mail, Word, Powerpoint, Excel or another type of Software? We’re here to help teach you.

Software Updates

We'll securely install or re-install your OS (Operating System) to keep your computer up to date.

Printer Setup or Troubleshooting

Whether it's a new printer or old, we can help connect it to your computer or wifi and get it all setup.

Product Recommendations

Our team has hundreds of hours experience researching, testing devices and can help you make the right choice on your next purchase.

Like having a personal IT help desk.

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