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The smart solution to support your residents

Axius Manage brings full technology support to your property so your residents enjoy the value of smart living and your team has the support resources they need.

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"Axius aims to wire smart homes from the ground up."

- Digital Trends

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Give your residents the smart home experience they want.

From setup and configuration to ongoing monitoring, updates, and troubleshooting, Axius ensures your customers are satisfied and protected.

How Can Axius Help?

Dedicated Support Team

Our team of verified Tech Experts are all based in the U.S. and available 7 days a week to provide assistance whenever it is needed.

White Glove Care

We help your customers just like you would. One-size doesn't fit all, so we'll design a plan tailored to your needs. Because the more personalized your support, the better your results.

Proactive Fixes

With the Axius Hub connected, we'll detect, troubleshoot and fix issues - so you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

Smart Home Management Made Easy

We're working with your team to handle the daily technology needs of your residents and devices. From account setup to software update we keep your residents connected and happy.

Secured Network

The Axius Hub comes standard with the latest encryption, firewalls and SSL. All your devices are safe from intruders.

Happy Residents!

Axius Build makes every aspect of smart homes simpler, faster & less expensive. Our team is ready to help - email us today: [email protected]

Featured Case Study: Starcity

Axius helps Starcity manage and monitor their smart properties across San Francisco. By ensuring that the smart locks are online, thermostats are seamlessly integrated, and smart lighting is setup, Axius keeps the residents happy and enjoying life.

"There's nothing worse than a malfunction that locks a resident from their home. Axius prevents this with constant monitoring and handles issue fixes with their alerts and troubleshooting. There are too many apps and devices that don't communicate so Axius is a huge help to simplify this and keep homes connected."

- Jesse S, COO @ Starcity

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Unparalleled Value.

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