What is Smart Home Management?

Tech Support is changing with Smart Homes. We're here to show how IT Experts can help you with your Smart Home Technology Support

You don't need us to tell you - there is a lot happening in tech these days! The whole world is talking about what's happening in Silicon Valley. There is constant chatter about the latest from tech giants like Alphabet (aka Google), Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Uber. Folks are buzzing with the buzziest of buzzwords: Automated Vehicles, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D-Printing, and Bitcoin.

The next 3-5 years in tech will be exciting and adventurous. But, here at Axius, we are most excited about smart homes.

(Need a refresher on smart homes? (Check out Smart Home 101 guide.)

We're not the only ones...


"81% of buyers indicate they'd more opt to buy a home if smart home products were already installed."

- according to a recent CNET & Coldwell Banker survey

Smart Home issues and vulnerabilities

Industry leaders like NEST, Apple, ADT, and Honeywell are diving in with connected devices to build out the Smart Home and making a Jetsons-like home a reality for the masses.

All these smart home devices are intended to make life easier, but can be riddled with vulnerabilities, inadequate security, and need to be setup and configured correctly. Homes are becoming more and more like a small business network and need similar levels of security, maintenance, and support. Most homeowners don’t have the skills or understanding to manage the complexity of their home technology ecosystems.

Just follow #smarthomefail for some examples:



And it's not just evident by complaints on Twitter... we've got stats for you!

"50% of consumers who think they can DIY... end up calling a Pro." - CEPro

"60% of smart home products returned without fault - because consumers can't unlock value of the solution." - Daniel Behrendt, HelloTech

"There's five different wires. It looks a little bit scary." (Describing DIY thermostat installations) - Scott Harkins, Honeywell

That's where Smart Home Management comes in.

As the smart home, connected devices, and home automation continue to trend upwards - people are ignoring the need to support and maintain these systems and devices. We call this "Smart Home Management" and expect to see a lot more activity on this trend graph in the near future.

Axius provides smart home management - think of us like your personal IT Help Desk. By creating a fully inclusive service layer for the home, Axius adds unlimited support, network security and monitoring for homeowners' IoT devices. We're not just another device company that will add complexity to your network. We're the first company to help simplify the entire process of managing a Smart Home.

"You need help from smart home tech support company, Axius."

- Padtronics.com

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